49th All Japan Open Tournament Results (IKO)

The 49th All Japan Open Tournament (IKO) was held in Tokyo (Japan) on November 03rd and November 04th, 2017. This tournament gathered 128 fighters, among which 35 top fighters from outside of Japan.

After two consecutive wins for KAMADA Shohei, during last year’s All Japan Open Tournament and this year’s 6th World Weight Category Karate Championships, the main question was to know whether he would be able to retain his national title.

The final top 4 fighters were the same as last year, but not in the same order. ARATA Shoki finished third, since UEDA Mikio was out because of an injury and could not fight. The final was the same as the 33rd All Japan Weight Tournament final for the Super Heavyweight category, and last year’s All Japan, opposing KAMADA to TAKAHASHI Yuta, and seeing KAMADA coming out victorious both times.

This time, the fight took longer and ended up in a draw for the first round and first extension. During the second extension, the level of both fighters was still very close, until KAMADA kicked an ushiro-mawashigeri, that TAKAHASHI countered with a well-timed maegeri that threw KAMADA off-balance and followed with a zanshin, to grab a waza-ari at the very last second. It was the first time TAKAHASHI won an Open tournament of that importance.

You can find below the complete results.

Champion: TAKAHASHI Yuta (Japan)
Finalist: KAMADA Shohei (Japan)
3rd: ARATA Shoki (Japan)
4th: UEDA Mikio (Japan)
5th: ZARINYAN Ashot (Russia)
6th: KAPANADZE Goderzi (Russia)
7th: NANBARA Kenta (Japan)
8th: IEROMENKO Oleksandr (Russia)

Best Tameshiwari: LUZIN Andrei (Russia) (22 Boards)
Best Technique: NAKAJIMA Chihiro (Japan)
Best Spirit: WATARI Kazutaka (Japan)
Best New Comers: TAKAHASHI Yota (Japan) and OKUDERA Yuki (Japan)

Source: Kyokushin Official Page and eFight

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